Using Rands
To invest offshore using Rands you first need tax clearance from the SARS. A tax clearance certificate must first be issued to you before you are able to wire funds directly from your local bank account into GinsGlobal's offshore bank account.

Using Foreign Currency
GinsGlobal Index Funds accepts a minimum of US$1 500, per investment made with foreign currency. Foreign monies already offshore can be invested without any other restriction. Such an investment does not form part of the R4 million allowance.

How do I apply?
Any individual taxpayer in good standing who is at least 18 years of age and has a minimum lump sum of R10 000 to invest, can simply follow the instructions and complete the application forms included. Funds must be wired into GinsGlobal's offshore bank account.

Initial charges and service fees are levied - please review the fact sheets for each individual fund and the application forms.

No switching fees are payable, unless you switch from the Global Money Market or Global Bond Fund to an equity fund, in which case the difference in initial charges will be payable.

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